Maureen Callahan Smith

 Author Maureen Callahan Smith has thought a lot about the questions each of us carries inside us, in her work as a licensed clinical social worker with a focus on helping those experiencing grief and loss.

What do you do when the very worst thing happens?

When the person you walk your life with–your “Person” in Gray’s Anatomy parlance–is given the worst kind of news?

How do you cope? How do you breathe? How do you move forward?

How do you support them when your own knees are buckling?

This is the story of two sisters who have to walk their way into the answers, even when it takes them to the very edge of life.

In her new book Grace Street: A Sister’s Memoir of Grief & Gratitude, she writes from the heart about her experience accompanying her younger sister Kathy through a late-stage cancer diagnosis, from the shocking initial news, through her treatment program and ultimately her death a year later. 

Maureen Callahan Smith balances her professional work with  writing, journaling and artmaking, as well as with yoga and meditation practices.

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